Monday, February 29, 2016

I Am Warrior by Nancy Nelson

I Am Warrior

Author: Nancy Nelson

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Silence. Darkness reigns.
Garage door grinds shut.
Did I forget to close it?
Sssh, sleep, it is okay.
I lay awake.
Fear resurfaces.
Inner tunnels of my mind …
Did I leave our house unprotected?
Sssh, sleep.
Night passes.
Do I ask or lay silent?
Warrior or Coward?
Eyes close, I snuggle in.
No decision is a decision.
Wrong choice, Warrior.
Prepared to do better,
But caught in between …
Did I? Or didn’t I?
Please help me … remember.
Go ahead,
Take a chance, ask.
“Son, did I forget to close the garage door?”
“No, Mom, I came in late.”
Remember, Warrior,
Always ask.
Stand tall, straight, and accountable
My shoulders square,
My jaw relaxes.
My heart sings!
I am who I want to be

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