Monday, December 1, 2014

NeuroNation – Free Fitness Services for your Brain

"Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind."

Leonardo Da Vinci

Mental decline as you age appears to be largely due to altered connections among brain cells. However, research has found that keeping the brain active increases its vitality and may build its reserves of brain cells and connections. You could even generate new brain cells. Low levels of education have been found to be related to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s later in life. This may be due to a lower level of life-long mental stimulation. Put another way, higher levels of education appear to be somewhat protective against Alzheimer’s, possibly, because brain cells and their connections are stronger. Well-educated individuals can still get Alzheimer’s, but symptoms may appear later because of this protective effect.

Keeping your brain active on a daily basis is an easy to follow up and very efficient Alzheimer’s Disease’ prevention strategy with no side effects. We are presenting one of the web resources to offer you free and effective “brain floss” through NeuroNation.

What is NeuroNation?
On NeuroNation, you can improve your brain performance effectively with simple and enjoyable exercises. NeuroNation is completely free of charge and exclusively ad sponsored.

Why Brain Training?

The word 'brain training' was coined in the 1980ies by Siegfried Lehrl but the idea of brain training itself can be traced all the way back to antiquity. But, why do we need to train our brains at all? The answer to that question is very simple: in contrast to a computer that stores information indefinitely and learns whatever it learns once and for all, the brain is much more like a muscle as it obeys the same basic rule of „Use it or lose it“. The notion itself might sound depressing but the analogy goes further than that: Like a muscle the brain can not only be brought back into shape but also significantly improved, i.e. intelligence is in fact trainable!

However, what would a good brain work-out look like, and how do I become a „brain jock“? First of all a good brain work-out has to be fun and functional, i.e. it is neither supposed to be too easy nor too difficult nor tedious and boring. Much like weights resistance needs to be adjusted to perfectly suit your cognitive abilities and training, of course, must be regular and strictly more than once or twice a week. Still, it is important to be patient with yourself as the key to success is concentration.

What is the NeuroNation Concept?

Our goal at NeuroNation is to help you substantially improve your cognitive abilities, which will be measured according to five categories:

In training, you can decide what part of your brain you would like to train and choose your favorite exercises. In addition to that, NeuroNation is offering general standardized training sessions of 5 or 10 minutes duration. Generally, we recommend you to approach your training in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Each training session consists of a set of exercises training all five cognitive categories that will be trained one after the other. We strongly recommend you to train several times a week in order to achieve maximum progress. A graphic will help you to keep track of your progress in each exercise. All exercises are specifically designed to be fun and functional and to perfectly suit your cognitive abilities. So, challenge yourself and watch your brain performance grow! If however you happen to get stuck at some point with one of the exercises, the science page will offer you all sorts of useful advices on how to improve yourself.

Did you know for example that it much easier to remember a set of numbers if you connect them to images and little stories? Your personal training calendar will help you to keep track of how regularly you train. Do not forget that much like any other workout, brain training needs to be regular in order to be effective. We thus recommend you to take at least two to three training sessions a week if you want to become a real brain jock!

Additionally you can also compare your results to those of other members of our international network and challenge them to a "brain off".

Connect with your friends at NeuroNation: NeuroNation is now offering an individual profile page for each of its users including a list of all friends and a personal message board notifying you on who added you to his friends list or who beat you in any of the exercises. Leave messages and challenge other users directly!

Your personal message board will also notify you whenever new features or exercises are available.
Your friends list enables you to access quickly your friends' profile pages. You may also use your friends list to compare your brain to a friend's brain.

All of this - completely free of charge, so sign in now and start your first training right away!

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