Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alzheimer's Apps for iPhone

Technology makes impact on our daily life, and it may help to manage the Alzheimer’s symptoms better in some areas than any other conventional tools and arrangements. Starting with this publication, we are going to present some applications, specifically developed for iPhone and other portable Apple devices, which will help in some areas of daily life. Some of them are specifically developed for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, while others have useful features, you may benefit from.

We will start this section, presenting collection of small applications, developed by Healthful Apps.

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With special Alzheimer’s Apps collection, consisting of 15 small utilities, the Alzheimer’s community has a potentially powerful tool at their disposal to help improve the quality of life for those with the disease as well as their caregivers. Alzheimer’s Apps identifies apps that may improve the quality of life for those who have some form of dementia by featuring apps that calm, engage, and/or lift spirits.

The goal is to leverage these app-inspired activities resulting in an improved interaction with caregivers and visitors. Grandchildren, for example, can find familiar music, games, or activities in apps that can be enjoyed together perhaps stimulating discussion by one who is normally less communicative.

The last apps listed can be tried with persons with advanced dementia, as apps that are responsive to one's touch tend to generate interest.

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ElderGadget recommends four such programs that may benefit seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Koi Pond - Koi Pond has to be experienced to be believed. Once the app is opened and the volume up, you can see and hear these peaceful, beautiful fish swimming. Be sure to put your finger in the “water” and watch the koi react.

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Art Gallery - Our love and appreciation of art stays with us, even in dementia. Familiar artists and styles can evoke the same feelings they did before, bringing a sense of joy or nostalgia to the user.

Serena - After creating a playlist and choosing a song, download and open the Serena app, which will search for and display the lyrics to those songs. This may trigger familiarity among the user.

Photo Labeler – It’s an easy way to label family photos. The Photo Labeler is a handy tool to have when sitting with visitors and caregivers.

Note that iPhone apps can be developed or recommended by virtually anyone, ranging from doctors who specialize in Alzheimer’s care to the average teenager. These apps are not guaranteed to benefit an Alzheimer sufferer, but may help trigger memories and familiar activities, especially for those in the earlier stages of dementia or any memory-loss disease.

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